Email forwarding

All emails you receive in your account will be delivered automatically, and without change to the email account of your choise.

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Global mailbox

You can add all your email addresses (personals and professionals) to your account and define email filters to forward emails based on destination (virtual mailbox) or the sender of the message.

Virtual mailboxes

You can create disposable virtual mailboxes associated with your login quickly and easily, eg you can create the virtual mailboxes and to register on twitter and facebook respectively.

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Email filters allows the definition of rules to be applied automatically to all emails we receive for your account, to block or forward emails based on the sender and the destination.

Spam filter provides a powerful spam filter that you can setup to block or mark spam messages (by changing the email subject) before forwarding to your mailbox.


The "BASIC" services of are free and always will be. The will not send mail to your email account and will never provide your account details and email addresses to third parties.

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